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The Local Bath Crossdressing scene is probably the biggest across the South West and with over 100,000 people living in this city lets say theres more than a few local Xdressers personals to check out ;o)

Whilst it true this spa town is famous for its baths and indeed I think where it originally got its name from one thing that many don't know about is the growing Bath Crossdressers numbers and right now from looking at some of the members it feels like most are members here ;o) .... OK they are not but let me assure you theres LOTS... in fact don't take my word for it, look for yourself, its free

and talking of free members ....want see some? enjoy the edited Bath CDs personals below then get into the local scene and join us


Feature .. View FULL Ad - Click Here .. (Bath Crossdresser) Hi Let me first say I'm a straight crossdresser thats only here to meet with female admirers and as you can see I do love having my photo taken and have posted over 150 photos ;o)

I'm here for either social or NSA fun meets or both, with females. I'm a professional male that beneath my suited every day clothing is crossdresser that enjoys adventurous fun meets with females that are exciting and enjoy stimulating encounters.

I am out and will often head out around Bath or neighbouring towns or sometimes just head off into the woods / parks. I do also enjoy public sex and enjoy risky sex in places although tend to stay clear of local Bath CD dogging sites ..

I'm here as I do enjoy the frill of something new, meeting different people ( females) and pushing consensual boundaries as I do get very turned on by taking risks along with giving pleasures to others..

I would say I'm more a novice dresser than an experienced one but I'm spending a lot of time working on my looks and want to start meeting with others. I do have many interests as well and probably no shock photography plus also . ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here

This website is for crossdressers & admirers to meet up - due to the adult nature you must be 18 or over to join ...

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View FULL Ad - Click Here - Serious TV Bath.. Tall but otherwise convincing and pretty Tgirl with great legs and tight ass. I do socialise when dressed and love to go out clubbing and getting attention from guys and girls. I am looking for friends and also sex partners who should be slim, smooth and sexy, tall and young, considerate and must treat me as they would a real lady. I will always want to chat before a meet is arranged as I've been let down so often and don't even bother to send one-liners as a message and I will definitely not reply if your profile has no pics or just cock shots - I take time, care and effort to look feminine so I expect that you put in a little time for your appearance and online presence.....Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - Shy CD Bath.. I am very new to all of this and very nervous! looking to meet with other TVs or genuine girls who would assist me with dressing and to help gain confidence. Just looking for friendship and good company not sex at this point....Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - Indoor TS Bath.. I love being feminine when I am at home, lovely flowery dresses and wearing make-up. I am tall, very slim and gay. I would love to meet with a very masculine and straight acting guy for a relationship. I am considering starting treatment to eventually become a woman full time with all the necessary surgery once I have found someone to trust and I can live female.....Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here7 - Full-time TS Bath.. I'm from Oz originally but now living here and am a transgender living life as a normal girl but would love to meet with other TV/CDs plus guys and gals for socialising and friendship, not looking just for sex... ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - Straight CD Bath.. I am 100% straight but enjoy dressing as a female and I do go out while dressed. I'm widowed and shy (but no angel once I get going) and am looking for friends or a female for a relationship where I don't have to hide back in the closet... ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - Leather Lover CD Bath.. I love to wear leather clothes and always high heels. I want to find special people to share my fetishes with on a friends and sexual basis. As much as I love to feel a good hard cock I also liked to be wined and dined first and to be made to feel speical. There's something erotic about feeling a hand under the table slowly caressing your stocking clad leg, moving slowly up.....Contact MEMBERS - Click Here

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