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When it comes to meeting with Crossdressing dogging contacts theres only one place to turn and thats right here as not only do we have thousands of contacts arranging dogging meets but we can direct you straight towards current crossdressers public sex locations

When people think of dogging they assume its couples but the UK Crossdresser dogging scene is far more active with crossdressers right across the UK arranging meets with other CDs or there admirers...

Its easy to see just why so many get involved in dogging sex being either married and not out with a partner or not having a place to meet up so turning towards car parks, public locations or local national parks ( my own favourite) ......... After all whats not to love about meeting up with a sexy CD for some sex under the stars.......or for those risk takers sun ;o)

The real issue for many couples and CDs is where to find safe dogging sites as many have been rewind by idiots or the local authorities / police, and its for that reason alone the the online dogging scene has become so popular within all niches of sex contacts from couples to cross-dressers

Finding safe Crossdressing dogging sites is just need to know who to ask ........want to know more?

It really is a case of its not what you know but who you know and whilst i'd love to say I know every horny little dogging xdresser ( and met ) sadly I don't but once you enter the members section you'll have a vast amount of contacts that you can discuss locations and best sites with

Its these members that will help you in not only telling you sites to use and avoid but also maybe even pre arranging meets ...after all that has to be the VERY best and safest way to have some crossdressing outdoor sex knowing just what the persons car is and exactly where they will meet up .... You also have the member forums where you can post up details asking questions about the best place to meet up or asking if anyone wants to meet you

To give you some idea below is direct links into local contacts - from here you can view local dogging contacts to you .....although please don't think that by looking at any of the links below you'll find current dogging locations as often the members will keep them private and you'll have to contact them for details

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yep meet local dogging CDs tonight for fun, I did ...;o)