Does it make someone shallow if all they like looking is amateur Crossdressers photos? Answer = nope it just means they have thousands to look at ;o)

The internet is FULL to the brim with porn crossdressing photos but lets be honest they are pretty boring and its far more interesting to view UK crossdressers photos and even better knowing you can meet them

Well thats just whats on offer here .......FREE access to thosands of horny CD photos

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We all enjoy checking out the local talent, thats made about 1000% better if you know the CD babe your eyeing up is also looking to meet up with guys or other similar crossdressers - Well thats just whats on offer here and to give you some idea we've posted this preview page with just a few of out members photos

Edited / rubbed out / blurred.....yep I've heard it all before that people complain that they can't see images within this introduction part of the site, and the reason is simple - privacy, not mine but the member. All the images within this site are genuine UK Crossdressers photos hence to protect themselves some have opted to edit them, but don't fear as a member you'll have FULL access - and if a paid member you get to see much MUCH bigger images!

As a member you'll also have access to loads more photo features, like searching for members by image search only, rating members photos, posting personal messages on photos setting up private photos for YOUR contacts only to view, but less about features who wants to see some members...

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