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Whilst the main purpose of this website is to put crossdressers in touch with CD/TV admirers and sexual contacts we have also put together some useful articles on how to sucessfully crossdress with tips & advice for the more serious crossdresser who wants to be as convincing when dressed as possible.

We also welcome articles submitted from you, real crossdressers with experiences to share. Don't worry if you aren't the best writer, just get down in an email what you want to share and submit it to us here and we will read it and straighten it out if necessary before we post it here.

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Men crossdress for a variety of reasons, some just get turned on by wearing frilly panties or get a sexual thrill from wearing tights or stockings and they use sites like these to find sexual partners (male or female) to allow them to indulge in their little fetish, whilst others take this a stage further and enjoy a domination with it and being 'forced' into being feminine like a sissy maid, and then you have those that feel that they should be a woman and try to be as convincing as possible when they dress, whether they then decide to live as a woman or surgically become a woman.

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