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When you have a region / county that primarily rural the online scene offers a gateway directly into local personals and thats just the case within the the Cumbrian crossdressers scene ........but we can help ;o)

Here at UK Crossdressing Personals we can help both admirers and Cumbria xdressers meet u within the safety and security of a members only personals site

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Feature Advert .. View FULL Ad - Click Here ( Cumbrian CD) Hello I'm a closet Crossdresser living in Carlisle thats married so this does mean arranging meets does take a little bit of planning, but I like to think I'm worth it

I've been a closet dressing for 10yrs but its only recently that I've been getting into the personals scene and after being a member of a few other sites that let me down I thought I'd try this one, and so far I'm happy..

I do dress fully but as I'm married being totally smooth is not an option but my body hair is very fair and when wearing stockings its actually quite hard to see any hairs, my private bits are very well trimmed ;o) ...

I'm looking to meet with a man, someone that will treat me as a female and maybe even let me cook for him as I'm a mean cook and love to prepare nice meals. Ideally you'll be single so that hopefully we can meet at yours and as my wife works away from home maybe have stay overs. I'm not really looking for quickies / one offs more building trust and friendships that will lead onto (...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here )

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View FULL Ad - Click Here - Newbie Tranny Carlisle/ hiya just moved to sunny old Cumbria ;o) and looking for some local gurls for fun. PLEASE no guys I'm not looking to meet men right now, kinda had my fill and now just want gurlie fun. I've been a transvestite for 5 yrs and I'm pretty good, least I'm happy to head off outdoors even before it fully dark ;o).. I don't know anything about the local scene and the reason I joined this site to hopefully meet local members as its going to get a bit expensive driving down to Manchester every weekend. I do love dancing, socialising and just having fun and being bisexual happy to meet up for some fun so long as its clean, safe and always .. ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - Dogging in Cumbria.. I love sex outdoors and we don't have a shortage of places to meet up. I am quite, no VERY kinky and do enjoy outdoor watersports and having people piss over me especially if after just getting well fucked! I've been to group meets and basically other than poo stuff theres little I won't try. If you want to meet me drop me a message and we can swap mobile phone numbers and I'll text you where I'm going to ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - Sissy Crossdresser Barrow. anyone need the services of a sissy crossdresser? I have lots of pretty uniforms and can dress in my frilies or if you want a sissy maid. I'm ideally looking to meet a couple that require my sissy services and will offer anything required to please. I'm VERY submissive and will follow any instructions. I can accommodate or travel to yours but I do prefer meeting at others houses as it makes me feel more submissive knowing I'm in someone else home and .....Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - Single Young CD Cumbria.. I'm here to meet with other crossdressers in Cumbria as I can't travel far due to loosing my DL ( yes I know twat) I've been dressing for about 4 years although its only recent that I've wanted to dress more fully with the intention of getting out as I think with a bit of help could be passable. My biggest stumbling block is make up!! everything else I have down to a T, I'm smooth, slim and being under 5'5 can wear some nice heels without me being over 6'. I do use wigs and have just changed my style and have posted a couple of photos showing both, which one do you think looks better? please say the dark one as it cost wayyyy too much. Sexually I won't disappoint ;o).. I have great O & A .Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - Webcam meets ? .. hello right now I'm not able to meet up so please don't ask, but I do love meeting others online and recently found the webcam chatroom here thats great fun. I'm normally online most nights from 9ish onwards so if you see me online and you have a cam lets meet up. I will only chat with other members that have cams so if your profile doesn't detail you can webcam chat then please don't message .....Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - Cumbrian mature tranny . Hi I'm a married TV and very much in the closet as my wife knows nothing of Mary. I enjoy dressing in mature fashions / look and my minis have long been thrown out and would say my look is mummsy / auntie style ( best just look at my pics) I've have been a tranny for approx 15 years but never really into the personals scene but I'm now getting the urge to meet up with either admirers or other Cumbrian transvestites for some fun ( pls local only as I can't travel far ) I'm a larger build and whilst I try to be convincing I'm not that but when dressed I feel so relaxed and would love to share these times with others. Drop me a message and lets chat but I'm not looking for cam sex / phone sex I want to meet up as I need to start working on my grades ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - Rubber Xdresser .. I'm here to explore new experiences meeting with sexy fun people. I've looked at joining a personals site before but never done anything about it so this is all new ground for me and not sure what to expect. I'm here as I do enjoy the idea of role playing sex and I have various rubber / pvc outfits that I would love to wear whilst having sex. I also want to try a threesome with any combination of members as I'm fully bisexual and enjoy sex with any sex. Anyone want ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - dominant CD Cumbria .. Are you a submissive male / sissy CD? I'm looking for a single male for role playing meets with me and my sissy slave. I've been the owner of a little sweet thing for 6mths and now want to start having more fun introducing others into out role playing nights. I'm a passionate about S&M and will only consider serious people that understand the rubber and fetish scene and that have ideally got some ......Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - new crossdresser .. I'm a single ( at last) male thats just starting to explore the xdressing scene and looking to meet others for friendship , fun & some dressing. I'm not looking to meet males. I like to dress fully and being slim means I can wear size 10 and do love the tarty / slutty look which means VERY short outfits. I do have a passion for wearing FF stockings and as I'm not able to be smooth love the feeling of putting on stockings and getting all slutty, its just now I want to share that with similar cds. I'm bi and have been for some years so know just how to please a man and have good A & O skills and happy taking on any role either top or bottom. I can accommodate assuming you know how to be ....Contact MEMBERS - Click Here

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