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It really is without a doubt that the Hampshire Crossdressing scene has some of the most horniest xdressers going you maybe wonder or not ;o( just how I can make a bold statement and the answer is simple its where I lived and trust me I dated some pretty horny Hampshire crossdressers

Now, whilst I'd love to say some of those dressers are members here sadly they are not as my dating was over 15 years ago when the only way to meet with local Hants Xdressers was to look in the News personals section ....desperate times or what !!

Thankfully thats all changed and whilst I don't live in Hampshire anymore just looking over some of the members its pretty clear that this seaside county still has some pretty hot CDs, which hopefully you'll soon find out about ;o)

If your new to UK CD Contacts ......welcome, this website is run by an admirer for Crossdressers to meet with other CDs and admirers either singles or couples, but above all that it offers easy access into local scene right across the UK ....But featured here we have Hampshire dressers

Below are some sample personals adverts that have been placed by Crossdressers in Hampshire that are looking for local contacts for friendship and a lot more ;o) .....from under the members photos you can also directly access all contacts and to use it you don't even need to join its totally FREE enjoy and join us soon

Please note images / profiles edited to the protect the CDs ...members have full access along with contacts details

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View FULL Ad - Click Here - CD Hampshire.. Ok lets not beat around the bush guys I'm a horny CD thats leggy and looking to take your seed as I only want bareback fucking..If thats not for you fine cya, everyone else read on. I'm a sexy lil CD bitch thats after some occasional meets with guys that love to fuck!. You can cum round to mine and I'll drop my little panties and be used so long as I end up taking all your raw loads. In return I'll dress sexy and you can be sure I'll please and we can either have a quick fuck or you can take your time making sure you unload every bit of your cum. I'm also happy to meet with a couple of guys at once for multiple cum loads and loads of sloppy seconds ....Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - CD Hampshire ..I'm a bi mature crossdress male thats sensual, highly sexed and looking to meet up with males, females, couples and other CDs. I'm a non smoker and looking for some sensual meets and ideally something thats more long term rather than just a one off thing so trust and understanding can be built ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - CD Hampshire.. (profile with over 30 uploaded images) I'm a kinky single crossdress male thats up for some fun meeting with males & other Cds. I do love the feeling of lingerie next to my skin and it always makes me VERY horny and having wishful and kinky thoughts so thought I'd do something about it and join a personals site. I'm Bi so happy meeting with either sex and just love giving pleasures to others either eating pussy or sucking on a hard cock.. Anal is something I love either getting fucked by the real thing or a strap on and you can push yourself deep into my sissy cunt as it feels ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - CD Hampshire..I'm a closet / secret silk and satin panties wearer and I get a huge amount of pleasure from wearing lingerie normally with pantyhose. I'm bi and happy to meet with all but would really like to meet with another lover of panty hose and panties. I'm a switch xdresser in that I can be either active or passive and given a choice it would be passive. I do have varied interests and happy to try anything you want but would be keen on CP and BDSM. I'm open to suggestions but when meeting members I do prefer smooth bodies or at least every well trimmed. So if you fancy meeting up ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - CD Hampshire.. I'm curious about these personals sites so thought I'd try one. I'm new to the contacts scene and here to meet up with some like minded new friends. I'm been a crossdresser for some years now although still firmly in the closet and never had the courage to venture out, or come to think of it meet anyone...but now I want more and feel its about time I started to explore a little and meet up with others. So any minded guys, girls or other CDs fancy chatting? I recently found the CD chatroom here and finding it very liberating chatting with others online but I'm not just here to meet online as I..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - Hampshire sissy cuckold .. I'm a sissy CD and my dominant wife has turned me into her cuckold husband. We are looking for males that will pleasure her whilst I watch and once finished offer clean up to the bull. Also keen to hear from black males as she wants her first black cock and I'll be dressed in sissy dress and..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - CD Hampshire..I'm a horny CD lthats after some adventures meeting up with like minded folks. I'm a fun loving CD thats after meets with other CDs, and will chat with guys online in the chatrooms and maybe if it feels right will meet up. I'm a cuddly build with blue eyes, red hair and have a good selection of outfits. I do especially love to chatting with other girly CDs and find the online chat here a place to enjoy and talk with others from right across the UK not just Hants. But I'm not just about chatting as I do want to meet up and would really love to hear from someone that will treat me right and ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here - CD Hampshire..I desperately need someone to fuck me, any offers? I love xdressing in sexy outfits which normally means suspenders, mini's & boots and now want to meet with someone that will bend me over and fuck me. Help! I want your cock!! .I can meet any time, day or night and happy to meet singles, groups and attend parties if you like. I'm into my fifties love O & A so ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here CD Hampshire.. I'm here for some local meets for cross-dressing fun and games. I also have a webcam so if you fancy meeting up online fine, give me a shout. I'm able to accommodate and happy to hear from men, females and like minded guys.... I don;t mind traveling to meet up but would prefer to keep this local when arranging visit. Hope to hear from you ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here

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