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For most the Lancashire Crossdressing scene is the home for UK Xdressers and whilst its one of the smaller UK counties mile for mile theres more dressers living in this county than some combined

Whilst many will assume this is down to the Blackpool its not as "surprise" theres other towns & city ( think that may have given it away there) that have far stronger a local community and certainly the case within our member numbers

For many its the nightlife that pulls many to the local scene in Lancashire and yes theres a pretty strong scene going on and we've detailed some of those clubs on the right ....but what about those CDs that are not "out" the married guys the crossdresser that doesn't have the confidence to hit the streets and head to some club ( which I can understand well I've been to a few bars and crapped myself walking in and I was there as an admirer) ....well thats where we come into play ;o)

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The way we meet up has changed so much over the last few years manly down to online personals website's not unlike this one, although as an owner and admirer I feel this personals website is better than most....but there again you knew I'd say that

But to prove it we give you FREE access to out members so that you can read some sample adverts and even see there photos ( although edited to protect members) plus even more by using the FREE banner link below you can gain FULL access to all Lancashire crossdresser members, however you won't be able to contact the members until you join........but even thats free for basic membership ;o)

So, enjoy check out the local talent then join us and start sending messages to Crossdressers in Lancashire ....after all they are waiting to hear from you, thats why they joined to meet admirers and other CDs

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View FULL Ad - Click Here (47) CD Lancashire.. I'm here to meet with others but let me first say guys I will want to see a photo of your face and just sending me a pic of your genitalia will do nothing for me!! So face photo or no response, its really that simple, plus you've seen me. OK now me ;o) I have always envied females and started dressing as child wearing my mothers outfits but thinking this was wrong I suppressed these feelings for years. Now I'm able to express my feminine side and looking to meet men, females & couples to explore and try new things. I'm keen to hear and meet with others but do understand . ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (57) CD Lancashire .. I'm a crossdresser that loves to wear satin & stockings and can accommodate to meet with all members. I do fully xdress and can either slutty or secretary type but always with sexy panties on. Whilst I can accom I also enjoy outdoor sex and CD dogging in Lancashire and seeking bi contacts. I give good oral but really want someone that will fuck me as I need .. ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (49) CD Lancashire.. I'm a CD living in the North West thats been dressing since I was a teen and since then off and on and I'm now in my late forties. I'm married and not out to my wife so meets must be discreet and as I have a webcam I do enjoy a bit of cyber sex so if you see me online please drop me a private message as I will be dressed and looking for a bit of. I do have some outfits along with nylons, panties and heels and as soon as I get free time when the wife goes out get dressed into something feminine and its then I would like to chat online. with either females, couples or other crossdress. ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (46) CD Lancashire.. I'm a large build CD that loves to wear lingerie, along with Ann Summers lingerie. I can dress in sensual lingerie or something a little more playful and looking for like minded males, females that enjoy being around xdressers or couples as I would love to try a threesome meeting with a couple where the
View FULL Ad - Click Here (60) CD Lancashire.. I'm a closet CD thats after some daytime fun at my home as I'm able to accommodate, but only daytime meets. I'm after some mutual fun with lots of pleasure. I have a few outfits and can either just dress in sexy undies or can fully dress wearing wigs, heels etc. I'm bi but not looking to meet with guys but will meet with other Cds or couples for some fun. ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (55) CD Lancashire .. I'm not that convincing a CD but I do put 100% in and tries my best to look feminine. I'm after a bit of uncomplicated fun and enjoy outdoor sex, and a bit of role playing BDSM where I can be either dominant or submissive and would love to find someone that we can arrange regular meets with and enjoy some kissing, cuddling plus some other kinks as well. I'm keen to try things such as watersports, after all until ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (56) CD Lancashire..I'm just a quiet girl thats after a little bit of excitement and some naughty fun. I've been dressing for many years and have a good collection of outfits and always fully dress with full makeup & hair so that I end up looking as convincing as possible ( I've posted some photos so you tell me) I have great legs and love to show them off wearing short dresses & skirts and always with stockings & heels. I'm happy to chat online so if you see me me around please say hey and we can meet up in the CD chatroom and talk ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (52) CD Lancashire.. I'm a submissive crossdress male thats seeks meets with dom contacts either males, females or other CDs. I kinda slipped away from my dressing and want to get back in so I thought I'd try this site to meet up with some local members for a bit of fun including BDSM, oral , roleplay, threesome ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (55) Bi Male CD Lancashire..I'm a big girlie thats after some fun either indoors or outdoors at Lancashire dogging sites ( private ones) I'm looking to meet members that will treat me like a tart as I'm very tarty when around others. I do prefer meets with mature guys by that I mean older than 45. Sorry no thanks to younger guys its just not my thing but when meeting with females will meet slightly younger. I do enjoy the company of my fellow cross dressers but ideally around my own age group. I enjoy a good laugh and some fun but nothing too intense its just about fun! I'm open minded and will consider most things within reason. I'd love to wrap my stockinged legs ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here

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