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Question where do all the local Oxfordshire crossdressers hang out.....well other than here that is, the reason I ask this is its pretty clear the Oxfordshire CD clubs and venues are dead....least I couldn't find any listed and trust me I looked..

Thankfully not all is lost and if like me you enjoy the social side to crossdressing along with all the other fun & naughty bits, then help is at hand via the members section we have ...

As a member you'll be able to access one of the biggest online community forums and live chatrooms with thousands of members logging in making posting and chatting live with other Oxfordshire transvestites and xdressers... and if your brave enough and have the cam set up you can even join in the life webcam chatroom taking discussions into private rooms and having some one on one fun ...

But its not all about chat, its just a popular feature members enjoy you also have the local Oxfordshire contacts and below are example ads for you read .......


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Hi to all who have read my ad I know its a tad lame but I really don't know what to say, well here goes...

I'm new to crossdressing and only started this year as I now find myself having the freedom to dress being single ... I've always had an interest in xdressing but never acted on it other than wearing panties and tights, but I knew I wanted more, and being single is allowing that

I'm still very firmly in the closet and only dress discretely indoors and not sure i'd ever want to venture out as dressing is a sexual thing and I have no interest in being a women .. I'm here to meet up with other CDs TVs , TGirls, trans & friends to share and explore exciting things and some fantasies I have...

I do love my dressing and I feel so turned on and would just love to share this by meeting up with others. I'm not that good at my dressing, although am trying but make up !!! Im rubbish at. If your interested exploring fantasies and ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here

Below is FREE access to all members from Oxfordshire, this includes TV/TS/Cd members along with admirers ...... the free link will give you access to small member photos but once a member you can access large images

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View FULL Ad - Click Here (58) CD Oxfordshire .. Hi all I'm new to this and a tad nervous but I've been thinking about this for a long time and have now done something about it and joined this personals site. I'm straight acting guy and when not in dressed wouldn't know I like to xdress, but once dressed I can be quite feminine and getting into outfits seem to bring out the feminine side of me. I have a fit body, great ass and whilst not totally convincing I do try my best and whilst I've not seen many CD/TVs the ones I have we've had fun. I'm here as I want to explore meeting up with open minded other cd/tv and maybe a guy. I'm still an anal virgin although have used toys but I want to feel the real thing but as I'm quite tight you'll need to be small. I can accommodate but will .. ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (56) Lingerie Wearer Oxford.. I'm a huge lover of lingerie along with nighties and have a huge collection that make me all gurly all over. I've been xdressing for as long as I can remember and now having recently moved to Oxfordshire looking for similar contacts.. I also love stockings whilst wearing lingerie along with heels. I'm searching for a friend to share fun times and erotic meets. I do love looking at members that are convincing but I'm not ......Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (24) Young Closet CD Oxfordshire ..Hi im 24 years old, slim and horny LOL and dress in sexy & sensual outfits, undies and sexy lingerie, but always with high heels and stockings, plus I have mini and micro skirts, dresses and some nice tops LOL.. I wear them because it makes me so hot and horny. :) im looking for someone to share fantasies and naughty NSA nights in I'm bisexual and love oral & anal either giving or receiving. If you message me can....Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (44) Dogging Oxfordshire.. anyone enjoy the outdoor scene? I love meeting in public safe dogging sites around Oxford and if you send me a message I'll tell you were and when we can meet. I'm only looking for admirers and guys that will treat me as a female. Message me and i'll tell you were I'll be this weekend. I dress fully ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (52) Pantie Wearer Cornwall.. secret crossdresser who loves to wear panties and slutty clothes, for now as new to this just looking for cam meets so we can chat, show off different looks and talk dirty. when I'm more confident then I would like to try it with another tranny as I've always been curious, so maybe if we get along on cam then we could meet up and just see what happens......Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (47) BBW CD Oxfordshire ..I'm a bigger build cuddly crossdresser thats looking for males to use and abuse me. Happy to meet for one offs or something more regular if you like. I'm up for anything but i'm passive and only looking for top guys that will use me as a female. I have very sensitive nipples and small breast that if you play with will make me cum. I would love to serve and be used by a man. One thing I've had messages asking if I do phone sex or webcam meets, I'm NOT into this as I'm looking for ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (41) occasional TV Oxfordshire .. Hi, Thank you for reading my personals ad , Im a sincere genuine occasional Transvestite living near Oxford. I am 41 years old and whilst not totally smooth I am in the right places. I have been a TV for quite sometime and whilst I'll never be daytime passable I'm night time convincing and often head out once its dark..I would say I'm attractive when dressed and Im 100% genuine and if we chat and arrange to meet I will and won't let you down. I'm Bi and enjoy meeting with all sexes although when meeting guys I'm passive but with RG I can be active. I would love to meet a couple as its been a fantasy of mine to experience a threesome with a couple where the male is bisexual or another TV. I will reply to all genuine messages so long as you have images attached and by that I don't just mean ......Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (47) Gay TV Oxfordshire..Hiya, I'm a 47 year old closet gay CD/TV from Oxford. I have dressed in private for as long as I can remember but now want to meet others when in fem mode. Im clean, discreet and expect the same. I'm only looking for other CDs/TVs that enjoy dressing fully as I do love dressing as slutty as I can. I would say I'm convincing and use full make-up, wigs and have an endless wardrobe of outfits. I'm only meeting members at my home. ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (67) Mature Tranny Oxfordshire..Thank you for looking at my profile. I'm a mature TV thats been dressing for many years and since loosing my wife more so I have a lot more freedom now. I live alone and have a good selection of outfits but not really into the minis or slutty outfits anymore, kinda grown out of that. I'm 5.8 average figure, and can be blond or red head (wigs) and I do love dressing fully and ALWAYS FF stockings, suspenders, with heels. I'm smooth from the top to the bottom and do have a preference for similar. i'm retired and can meet daytime or evenings and some weekends if I'm not away. Im only here to meet other TV's, that are within my age group so 50,60's so that we can meet for a drink, chat as well as fun. One think please no HPW's ( hairy pantie wearers) as it really doesn't do much for me, sorry guys. I like to see photos before I respond and whilst I can appreciate blurring face with married or closet CDs but I will ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here

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yep meet local CDs tonight for fun, I did ...;o)