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City of Salford Crossdressers ....mmmmm yes please named after its largest settlement,but also including the towns of Eccles, Swinton and Pendlebury,& Walkden with a VERY sexy population of 218,000 and trust me I've enjoyed looking at quite a few of the personals, wanna see, well jump right in and enjoy yourself ;o)

If theres one thing you can say the local scene within this huge metropolitan borough that is Great Manchester offers an endless source of contacts from those that enjoy partying at home of those that head towards the party region for some fun in the clubs

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View FULL Ad - Click Here (43) Sissy Cross Dresser Salford ..
I've been a sissy man most of my adult life, I've always loved girls clothes, pretty feminine underwear, and always wanted a TS/TG/CD girlfriend. I'm married and I told my wife some years ago about my dressing and whilst shes quite happy for me to crossdress she has no interest in the sexual side and she understands my need to meet others. I love pvc, rubber, and im very submissive & obedient and will follow all instructions without question. Id love to meet others that would use me as a sissy sex slave and happy to hear from any member ...Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (51)Out Crossdresser Salford ..
I have just purchased my first bit of jewellery to enhance my look and having always in the concentrated on my looks below waist I'm now starting to pay attention to whats going on on display so to speak plus being out at last I am finding I'm more adventurous both in my looks and what naughty things I'm getting up. I am a married and couldn't have got to where I am now without her help, especially with make up and helping me find the right outfits. I do use wigs and right now enjoying my Blonde side and it does tend to pull my cheeky naughty side out especially if I'm meeting up in the webcam chatrooms I use here often and do enjoy having some fun with show and tease online, but to get me very naughty I'll expect to see something back in return. I do have a huge passion for stockings and keep myself ultra smooth and just putting them on is so sensual and gets my turned on straight away. I enjoy what I class as straight normal fun so I'm not interested in role playing subs, domes and looking to meet anyone that wants to have fun. I can meet at mine sometimes as my wife works sifts and yes before you ask I do tell her friends are coming round, but she normally guesses this as I'm spending most of the day working out what to wear but I'm also happy to meet outside for a drink or yours. Only condition is I'm in my fifties and prefer meeting males around my age group so no messages from members under 30 or over 60 .Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (37) Sex loving CD/ TV Salford ..
I'm a closet transvestite / crossdresser that basically dresses for sex as I love being girlie and treated like a female. I love sexy underwear and have a huge collection. love cock, i love pussy, getting fucked, rimming, and just being a perverted girl.. I will meet with anyone, any age so long as you end up fucking me so females bring your strap ons..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (41) Tv who is looking for friends and discreet meetings..
I'm a TV/CD thats looking for friends and hopefully arranging discreet meets locally for mutual satisfaction. The first thing I do when i wake is to think "I'm a female" and Im proud to consider myself a member of the fairer tranny sex. Im not interested in meeting females as I class myself as a heterosexual female with bi tendencies when meeting others similar either tv/cd's. I will consider males but you'll need to convince me why and understand the roles we take on and should your message ask if I will fuck you then you clearly don't understand this. I do for my sins smoke so you'll need to be either another smoker or happy about being around those that do. Ive posted up a load of photos I had done by a pro photographer and NO Photoshop work was done before you send a cheeky message asking. When you do message me can you make sure I get to see you also and not just naked ones please .Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (41) Sporty / Slim Salford Xdresser for honey males..
Any males wanna meet up for some fun I'm a slim, CD thats quite sporty and able to play ALL NIGHT and here to meet men for discreet meets. I dress in short skirts, stockings & sexy lingerie. I'm very slim (size 8 ) with shoulder length hair (wig). I'm only interested in meeting top males that are slim and fit as I find over weight people not at all attractive ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (37) Attractive convincing Tgirl Salford..
I'm attractive, convincing and I think a pretty drop dead sexy Tgirl thats here for pleasure. Im a very convincing Tgirl and have been put for sometime and particularly enjoy outside fun at safe places. Drop me a line if you want to meet somewhere but you'll need to be between 30-50, hung, fit and well trimmed before as I hate pubes, I can make most evenings and weekends xxx. ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (59) Dogging meets Salford .
Im here to meet guys for outdoor sex. I'm a single CD that gets a huge frill from sex in dogging locations, public toilets, car parks and local parks and I could take you to a nice park with a picnic bench and you can see my teeth marks where I've been bent over and fucked silly. OK maybe not teeth marks but I know the top of the table very well lets put it that way. I only go out after dark as whilst I don't have a bad look being quite small build I'm not 100% confident with my look although many male admirers have said I should go out during the daytime. I don't really do the tarty look as I try to blend in but will always have sexy panties, stockings and heels on. I love O either way and do love to watch a man sucking me off, but I'm a total power bottom and love being fucked and can take any size male and trust me I've been fucked by some pretty monster cocks. Just make sure you have rubbers. If you drop me a message I could tell you where I'll be and we can arrange to meet up and swap details ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (63) Married CD Salford ..
I'm a married CD thats looking for meets with males & other xdressers. I can't accommodate but I do travel a lot around the North West & East and stay over at hotels. I keep my "fun" overnight bag in the car and when at a hotel I love to dress up and imagine I've got a lover coming round to meet me, so I decided to do something about it and meet up with men and other Cds. I'm happy when meeting other dressers to meet up and the hotel and have some dressing and make up fun as I'm not out so your more than welcome to bring your clothes and make up and we can enjoy ourselves getting ready with a bottle of wine or two. When meeting males I'm passive but with other CDs happy to take either role. Drop me a message and lets get to know each other better ..Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (32) Cam meets CD ..
Sorry but I'm not meeting up right now, long story will tell you online if we hook up. But I'm in the webcam chatroom every night and I'm having some fun meeting with friends and admirers. If you see me online don't just send an invite to cam to cam drop me a message telling me something about yourself and then we can arrange to meet up. I just find it rube that guys just sent invites to cam without asking first. Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
View FULL Ad - Click Here (52) Wank Buddys / NSA Meets Salford ..
I'm not that convincing and don't use make up but what I do love is wearing sexy outfits and meeting others for NSA fun . I'm into anything fun but no pian please. I do love watching porn and have a huge collection of CD/TV porn and maybe we could meet up round mine get dressed up and watch some porn whilst wanking and sucking each other off. I'm able to accommodate and happy to meet guys or other cds and don't mind which role I take as I love to give or receive anal . Contact MEMBERS - Click Here

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