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To be or not to be, that is the question when wanting to meet up with Warwickshire Crossdressers....OK I know thats bad but I had to put some reference onto old Bill Shakespeare :) and whilst I'm not saying any of the hotties that are involved with the Warwickshire Crossdressing scene look anything like him some of the wigs look simlar...OK no more bad jokes

This landlocked county offers probably more local access and resources than any other Midlands county mostly due to its central location within the UK, after all it doesn't get much more right in the middle and what does this mean to anyone looking for Warwickshire thing LOADS

To give you some insight into the type of members this little preview page has been posted but if you want a better idea by using the free link you can access even more right across the county plus many others, although should you want to meet, thats when you'll need to join, but even thats want to know more or see more then join or just enjoy reading below ..


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I'm fed up as I've been playing alone for a long time and now want to start meeting up with others. I'm a mature xdresser thats single and just looking for some good old clean fun. I'm not out as I'm a little on the big side and whilst I do dress fully I'm no were near what anyone would class as being convincing and no my limits. As I'm in my late 50's really looking for dressers of a similar age as whilst I appreciate some of the messages I've had from younger members its really 50 plus dressers. I've posted up some photos but my face has been covered to keep privacy, if you want to see my face just send my a private message as I have some uploaded and happy to share once we chat. I love most things clean and safe so message me if your interested Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
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As I'm free and single now I thought it was about time I started having more fun and meeting with other dressers, and maybe the odd admirer, although before all the guys start messaging me you must understand I'm very inexperienced so please don't think you can just fuck me like a machine gun, I'll need some TLC LOL.. I've been a closet dresser for 5 years and married but as I'm sure you've worked out I'm single now after my wife found out and gave me an ultimatum, needless to say I chose dressing. Im ideally here to meet dressers as this is something I've never experienced and would love to be able to meet chat, drink and get dressed for some fun!! Anyone interested? I have a small place we can meet and my wardrobe is growing fast now. PS More photos will be posted soon . Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
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Im a submissive crossdresser looking for dominant males / couples. I've been well trained and love poppers and will follow any order no matter how extreme. I have sissy outfits, uniforms & a very sexy french main one turning up soon so will post photos soon. If you want me all you need do is tell me wear and when. Any age but would prefer mature males .Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
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I'm going to be working in Warwick for a few months and looking to meet with other dressers. I'm not out, yet but with a little support could we will be just need some friends. I've been xdressing for 10 yrs and I think have a decent look but you can tell me as I've posted up just a few photos mostly selfies as I do love to take my photo. As you can see I can dress smart or tarty or even just for the bedroom!! I'm NOT looking for men so guys your wasting your time messaging me so please don't as I wont respond. I'll be staying in a small house but its not quiet so if you like your more than welcome to get ready round mine. When contacting me can you have photos ready as you've seen me so will only answer messages from other dressers that have photos. I'm versatile so just message me and telling me what your into and lets meet Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
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Looking to meet admirers only for some outdoor fun. I know some great places we can meet just message me and I'll give you the location and time. I dress fully and love A & O. Any age welcome just bring a rubber if you want to fuck me over the bonnet .. Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
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i am a young 64 and i wear female clothes and whilst a little well built still look hot to fuck LOL. I love to meet people and have fun i am 5' 9" tall blue eyed love suspenders and stockings panties, in fact pretty near all things female. Other dressers only please Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
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Hiya I'm a stunning 36 yr old full time CD. I've been looking around for a decent sex site and a friend of mine told me about this site so here I am. Im very attractive least I've never had complaints, slim with nice pert little boobs and thinking about starting on hormones. I enjoy the best of both worlds & swing either way depending on I'm meeting up with any fun members either couples or singles for NSA fun and anything goes safe sex. Im into most things so message me and lets chat. Oh also got a webcam and loving the webcam chatroom here so lets meet online as well Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
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I don't really fully dress but love sex in stockings!! I've got some panties but thats about it, anyone looking for some fun? Can meet yours and will travel for the right contact .. Only looking for oral fun '. Contact MEMBERS - Click Here
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I am a crossdresser who likes to be VERY girlie and always wants to be the girl in any relationship, so men will need to be MEN as I'm a 100% bottom girl, i dress fem and i love fem clothes and underwear. I want my man to dress as a man and get very turned on by a man in a suit. I am also a smooth and you won't find ANY body hair on me, if you do you can spank me and trust me you won't as I'm the type of girl that keeps myself smooth at all times. I enjoy giving and receiving oral and more than happy to swallow as I'm a good girl at giving oral to a man right to completion. i like to be kissed and fondled by a man. i am the type of girl who will strive to please her man, i no matter what but love it when a man slides his hand up under my skirt to touch me through my panties and feels my hard cock . I particularly love the older experienced man, the older the better for me, I also enjoy having my back pussyhole licked just before being well fucked but safe 'Contact MEMBERS - Click Here

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