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Do you like watching crossdressing porn videos? sorry thats a bit of daft question really who doesn't like sitting back and checking out some sexy crossdressing fucking on a video.........but it does seem harder and harder to access quality CD porn

Well that certainly used to be the case but no longer thanks primarily to Crossdressing VOD ( Video on demand) as now you can access high quality porn videos instantly onto your PC

If your knew the term video on demand or vod then detailed below is information on just how the system works...but what it means to admirers and crossdressers is no longer are you left trying to buy CD DVDS online now you can gain instant and fast access to some of the very best in xdressing porn videos

Knew to CD vod ? not sure how it works........easy, well it has to be easy otherwise I'd never be able to use it ;o)

First thing you'll need to set up an account, but thats free ;o) once the account is set up you can start checking out some of great titles although from the link below you can already just see some of them which I think you'll agree tick the boxes any crossdresser could ask for

The viewing options are either instant or download and details are posted below

  • Download - here you download the CD video directly onto your PC and watch it as many times as you like within the higher period - normally 7-31 days
  • Streaming - for fast and instant access to the video try this option as no downloading is required and videos start playing instantly
  • Streaming PPV ( pay per view) - here you only pay for what what you watch - so if you only stream 30 minutes of a video that all you pay for

It really really is THAT easy and you'll be wondering why you never started streaming crossdresser videos before

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